Springs of Salvation

From my church's website:

Report of God’s Mercies (4.12.11)

April 12 2011, 8:48 am

Last night 320+ people gathered again, the 9th day of unscheduled prayer meetings. This followed a 5 hour service on Sunday for most. The Lord was graciously present. Some accounting of a few things the Lord did for His people.

7 people came to be baptized as a bold testimony of their faith in Christ (46 have been baptized in the last 8 days)

2 additional people were saved also in the services that we know of.

One woman plead for prayer for a boy in another state and asked a young man in the audience to stand in his place so people could gather around and pray.

Recognition that the enemy is “prowling about” and has come to “steal, kill, and destroy” and we are to go to battle against him. Powerful time of prayer for a woman who is dear to the whole church body who is struggling.

A charter member and deacon asked the church to pray that he would look to the Lord for His constant sustenance. That he was not trusting the Lord fully.

A young man who has struggled with fear of man and who was baptized in a private place because of his fear asks to be baptized publicly so that the world would know that he is a follower of Christ.

A couple who has searched for a church home and has never been baptized shares they came the first Sunday when God began moving so strongly and moved to the baptistery…being baptized by their friend who had been baptized just minutes before.

A man whose wife died several years ago asks for prayer that he would accept God’s will and not resist what the Lord has allowed. Intense time of prayer for him and many, many others who are struggling to embrace God’s sovereignty over their lives.

An impassioned plea from the Word by a brother calls the men to come and be completely cleansed….the altar fills up with men, many of their wives coming to pray over them.

We realize God is calling us to be rid of deep sins and also deep wounds. The next wave of prayer leads many to be prayed for who have deep, deep wounds in their hearts. Molestation, hurt, loss…

An elder comes to the pastor during the prayer season and asks him if HE has any deep wounds. He is instantly aware of something that has hurt him deeply and finds complete release and healing as the elder prays over him. Blessed release from a wound he has carried for many years.

A man who one of the brothers has brought from off the streets stands to share he has just been saved.

A brother shares of a deep burden for a lost friend. He is driving tomorrow 3 hours to share Christ with him. The church intercedes for him and for many others who need Christ. “When Zion travails, sons and daughters will be born unto her.”

The meeting closes…and then reopens as a girl says she must obey the Lord and be baptized!

And on, and on, and on until 10:30

Multiple testimonies of needs for lost friends, sharing Christ with family members…God is sending us OUT.

Challenged by the Lord to go OUT. “This building can only hold so many people, but we can share with thousands tomorrow…go and do as we are doing here tonight—pray and intercede that people may “joyously draw water from the springs of salvation.”