More of God's Mercies!

A note from my pastor:

A Record of God's Mercies

NO PRAYER MEETING TONIGHT at the church (but don't quench the Spirit-join with others to pray if God directs, etc)...but rest, tell people about Jesus, and come praying to the church tomorrow that revival will break out all over the city! Please, please pray for every church you know, that God will graciously visit Central Arkansas!!!

Last night (Friday, April 8, 2011) was another amazing time of four hours of prayer, 7 baptisms, hundreds weeping at the Lord's Table as we saw Christ in ways we have never seen Him, and a very intense time of not only confessing but RENOUNCING every area of sin that we had allowed the enemy to hold in our lives. Ministry to many with disabilities. Such a sweet, gracious time. Wonderful final challenge and thanks from a dear brother who a month ago was living under the 430 bridge and God has redeemed him and he and his friend who are now ambassadors for Christ.

THEN, THE LORD LED US TO AN INTENSE TIME OF PRAYER FOR THE CHURCHES IN CENTRAL ARKANSAS, which, I felt, was perhaps one of the primary purposes of the night. What the Lord has visited us with this week at The Summit has been amazing and we are so grateful, but is a mere "mercy-drop" compared to what we need in our city, state, and nation. We are asking you to press on, to pursue Christ with us fervently that a tsunami of God's Spirit would invade us and be unstoppable among our churches. PRAY FOR EVERY CHURCH GOD BRINGS TO YOUR HEART BY NAME TODAY! Go through the yellow pages and pray through the churches. Ask for God's mercy.

I believe the Lord has graciously awakened us this week so we would be in a position to join others in our city as INTERCESSORS for the church and the city that God would send a great revival among His church and spiritual awakening among the lost.

I just received this email from my friend, Jack Taylor, who was a key figure in the 1970 revival that happened in some places in our nation.

"How great to read of what is happening at Summit Church. Some months ago I was invited back to Castle Hills First Baptist Church where I pastored from 1957-1974, where a mighty awakening came 41 years ago in 1970. Amazing things began to occur, repentance and reconciliation began to spontaneously happen. I believe the optimum time for revival, awakening, return is upon us. I never saw some things like I see them now in God's proposition in 2 Chronicles 7:14. This is not to be perceived as a promise only to the Jews but to all believers and it is not a timed promise but a revelation of the disposition of God in every age. It is ours for the asking, coupled with obedience. We have never been closer to an all-out conflagration. Stay low, seek prayer, seek the Kingdom and the King, find advisors among the aging. This could be "it", the promised time slightly hidden in many places of Scriptures and ready to be revealed. God is not through with anybody who will step forward and take him at his proposition/promise.
When God sees return, there is power in return and things will happen beyond anything we have ever dreamed of."

Last night a group of college students who had been at our prayer service went downtown to share with anyone they could find. Worked until 4 am. Came home and made 100 sandwiches and bought water bottles and went back downtown at 10:30 am Saturday to hand it out and tell people about Christ. Pray.


Bill Elliff
The Summit Church