A God Thing!

This is an email that went out from our pastor this morning about the service last night:

"Make known His deeds among the people, make them remember that His Name is exalted" (Isaiah 12:5).

Unbelievable night...too many stories to tell.

14 spontaneous baptisms. Ran out of towels after about the fifth one!

A woman whose husband committed suicide in her presence one month ago coming and finding deliverance from anger at God then her friend telling us she needed a car. A spontaneous offering of $2856 and then a man gets up and says, "My father said he had a Ford Explorer he wanted to give away and asked me yesterday if there was anyone at church who needed it!" So...she got a car and money for gas and insurance and to pay off her school debts!

Tons of people set free from all kinds of things.
A father asking for prayer for a habitual sin...people travailing deeply in prayer over him and then his daughter and son both come for baptism and he gets to baptize them! His obedience paved the way for theirs...and on and on!

The prayer meeting continues tomorrow night at 7 PM. The word spreading. Hearing reports of another prayer meeting at a major church...we are asking God to spread it quickly among every church in our city so that it is clearly seen as not a Summit thing, but a blessed intervention of God.

And a little side note from me--also, last night--

A young lady tells us that 8 years ago she found herself unmarried and pregnant--she, along with her parents, went to talk to our pastor. He advised her at that time to come before the church in humility asking for forgiveness.

She chose not to and later had a miscarriage. She said the miscarriage made it very easy for her not to ask forgiveness. Later she got married to a wonderful young man who supported her and forgave her sin.

She asked the church for forgiveness--eight years later--

End of story?? Not quite.

I got an email this morning from one of my blog readers in a state very far away. She read where I go to church yesterday and told me her nephew goes there. Her nephew?? The young woman's husband who had so graciously supported, loved and married the young lady who came asking for forgiveness.

Before last night, I didn't have a clue who this young man was but I got to write my reader back and say "Yes, I know who your precious nephew is." Wow! God is so awesome.

I realize I haven't gotten the video up from yesterday--will try to get a couple of videos up today.