Showers of Mercy

To read more about the revival please click here.


Debbie said…
Am I to understand by the website that there will be revival meeting again this evening? That is really awesome. You know how Genesis 1 talks about the Spirit hovering over the face of the deep? That's exactly what it's doing in your area. Just hovering and moving all over it.

So cool.
I looked around at the site. I'm going back later because I think there were some sermons on there that I would like to click.
Dianne said…
Hey Debbie,
Yes, revival is continuing tonight. And great revival has broken out at a church in Hot Springs, AR and another here in the Little Rock area. Those are just the ones I know about--we are praying that it spreads everywhere. We don't want to keep it all here--smile!!!!!!!
Sandy said…
It's wonderful that revival has broken out
in your area. My city sure needs it, as
does every city every where. Going to
check it out.
Anita Johnson said…
Your post was so we need that spiritual revival in my own church and the area around us. It seems everyone's has too much on their plate...but their plates are filled to the brim with the wrong things...myself included. Thanks for the reminder of what is important. Happy Easter my friend...HE IS RISEN!

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