Applying God's Word

Wow! When I started trying to put on paper the principles of applying God's Word, I became stumped as to how to condense it enough to make a blog post out of it.

I started researching it on the internet and have read several great articles, not the least of which is this one by Elisabeth Elliott, one of my heroines of the faith.

Would you bless us with your wisdom?  Would you be willing to tell us in the comments section one way that you have been led to apply God's Word to your life.

I would love to learn from you today.


Debbie said…
I'm so behind in blog visiting! I'm sure I've missed some wonderful inspiration and insights from you. I totally understand what you mean about not being able to condense things for a post. That's my greatest disappointment in becoming a blogger. I assumed when I started that my blog would be a venue for me to put my teaching into writing.

Sadly, I find that I can't do it. I just cant't whittle well.

As for the application of the word? One thing that I do is look at what I study and/or teach (because all teaching involves study, right?) as my "classwork" leading to an upcoming test. I assume that if He has given me the treasure, that Perfect Teacher is going to provide a chance for me to test it. Looking for the testable moment helps me apply what I've learned. When I have it, I yak it out others, whether I make an A, a C, or and F. I've learned as much from my Fs as my As.
Adoption Mama said…
Dianne, This is so important. You have done a post on memorizing God's Word, but I also like to write Scriptures out with my name inserted in the appropriate places to personalize it. Many times applying God's Word is making my mouth stop moving and listening well instead, especially to my kiddos. Thanks for this reminder. By the way, I love Elizabeth Elliot, too.
Dianne said…
I love this, Debbie. Yes, this reminds me to look for those testable moments--I think I have probably learned more from the F's--thanks for your wisdom.
Dianne said…
Great reminder, Sarah! Not only am I trying to find how to apply scripture to my own life but I want more ideas to share with the guys at Renewal Ranch when I teach their scripture memorization and application class.

This is definitely one I will include--I do the same thing also but might have forgotten to include it in my teaching if you hadn't reminded me. I appreciate you sharing more than you know.
Sandy said…
The first thing I do when I open the Word is pray that the Lord will speak to me. Then as I read I underline and highlight verses and passages that I love. I don't always hear Him speaking, impressing, but many times I do. I write out the verses through which the Lord spoke to me then go back and pray about them. Like Sarah, I also insert my name as I read and personalize. I feel it's important to read aloud, proclaiming His truth as I go. I think all of these are ways of applying the Word to my life.
I love Elizabeth's writings too. Andrew Murray is my fave though.
Dianne said…
I agree, Sandy. I don't always read every passage aloud but usually read aloud at least some portion of the scripture each day. For a long while, (I always read the Bible on can enlarge the print as much as I need it and copy and paste the scriptures and passages that speak to me over in to a Word document), I was also listening to the audio of whatever I was reading so I saw it with my eyes and heard it with my ears.

I always have Andrew Murray close by although I don't read him every day.

I love what Elisabeth says in the post I linked to how reading these old saints are part of the way God teaches her.

I feel we definitely learn from one another. I always glean from your wisdom, Sandy--thank you!
Sandy said…
I know what you mean about reading and listening together. I was so into doing just that recently and actually got goose bumps when going through parts of Acts. His word is sooo alive, active and full of Holy Ghost power!

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