Streaming Thoughts

The most important thing going on in my life right now is getting to work with the guys at Renewal Ranch on scripture memorization and application.  I am trying to emphasize spiritual journaling to them--write it down--get it on paper!

The movies I am watching and pondering over are The Hiding Place and The Cross and the Switchblade--the lives and witness of Corrie Ten Boom and David Wilkerson never cease to touch me.

Books I am reading right now--I am praying to find books to read that will rock my world--I would really appreciate suggestions in the comments section.  A list of my favorite books is listed on my Pinterest page--I may go back and reread some of them--it is an awesome list.

God spoke to me yesterday through Psalm 136--It reminded me of a time I attended a service of one of my students--an all black church--They sang a chorus that said something about the "love of the Lord."  They sang the same exact phrase over about 100 times, maybe more (not exaggerating)--you know, about the 90th time we sang it, I GOT IT!  I truly got it--it took that many times for the incredible message of His love to really get through to me.  I thought how wise my precious African American brothers and sisters were.

He spoke to me today through Psalm 107--I feel the heart and soul of the drug addict/alcoholic when I read that psalm--some of the words would make incredible art canvases to place over the sofas at RR.

Oswald Chamber's devotional spoke to me about "hearing the hard word" from the Lord.  Do I only want the nuggets of encouragement and love or do I yearn to hear the hard words also--remember the rich young ruler?  Am I prepared to give up everything for Him?

What are your thoughts today?