Living and Active

The last three sermons I have heard have been about

 *Reading scripture

 *Observing that scripture

 *Application of that scripture

 It has been very encouraging and there is one more component to hear about next week and that is the prayer part. I am looking forward to that.

 Basically, it boils down to this-- Of course, we should read the scriptures and read it daily--Jesus is referred to as "our daily bread."

 In the Old Testament we see that the manna from heaven was given to the Israelites on a daily basis. If they gathered more than enough for one day, it rotted.

They could gather enough for two days on the day preceding the Sabbath.

 What this says to me is this:

 I cannot depend on yesterday's grace to take care of today's needs--that is just one of many ways of saying it, I think. 

I need today's manna to feed my soul in the present.

 Surely, our daily study of God's Word accumulates in our spirits.

 After all, Hebrews says the Word of God is living and active, sharper than any two-edged sword.

 But I want to actively add daily to this treasure trove of spiritual dynamite.

 I want to add to this awesome arsenal by His living Word being active in my life today.

 What about you?

 I'll talk about the "observation" part tomorrow. Have a great start to your week.