Ramblings from Rehab

One of the guys from the Ranch handed this to me today after class--he mumbled something about "ramblings from rehab" but I'm telling you, this is wonderful--no ramblings here--it touched my heart deeply. Hope it touches yours.

"I have always loved the night sky. Since childhood I have been fascinated by the stars--the way they shine--how they form shapes and outline constellations that not only illuminate the dark canvas they lay against, but they just seem to have their place. They belong where they are--not sure why. They just do. 
I remember learning, when I was young, the fact that stars burn out. They die. I remember feeling sad about that for some reason. Why? What's going to happen when they all disappear? Is one of my favorites going to die?

Did God know about this? Surely He did.......and if so, why was He just sitting back and letting it happen? 
When God designed me, He gave me a soft heart--loving heart. Over the years, however, I hardened it. So I wouldn't feel regret. So I wouldn't endure the pain of all the hurt I'd caused and all the people I had pushed away. 
Unintentional as it may have been, it was still my reality--my loss. I had been blessed to encounter and know so many great people and then relegated them to the "recycle bin" of my heart and life. 
But not my memory. Couldn't do that. No amount of alcohol or cheap, meaningless experiences could delete their faces or the sense of loss I felt from no longer having those stars in my sky.
I miss those stars.  I remember where they fit in my night sky.  I really miss those stars. 
Years later, I learned that new stars are born all the time.  That was an exhilarating truth to learn.  I am excited to meet and see the new stars and how He shapes my sky from here on out!"  

Have a great day and don't forget that you are a shining star in someone's night sky.