Observing His Word

When we read and deliberately meditate on God's Word, oftentimes a word or a phrase will jump out at us.

I take this to mean that the Holy Spirit is trying to especially reach a deep part in me by this particular approach.

It can be a pleasant little poke of encouragement or it can be a sharp jab that brings us back to reality if we are on a sinful path.

Learning to look, to see, to embrace those little pokes and jabs is an extremely important aspect of daily Bible study.

It is what keeps us clean--"You are already clean because of the Word I have spoken to you." This is a statement made by Jesus in John 15:3.

We depend upon His written Word now to prune and purify, to cleanse and clothe.

As I was prayfully reading the story of the woman at the well, this jumped out at me--

Leaving her water jar, she ran back to the village--

Leaving her water jar--interesting--that was what she had gone to the well for--that was an important part of her day--water was a necessity--

A small phrase but it packs a wallop--Am I willing to drop everything for him, to give up the most "important" tasks of my day?  It is our willingness, I think, that is the big issue here.

After speaking with Jesus, she ran back to the village--to do what?

To tell others about HIM!!

This encourages me to be zealous, to be bold, to be deliberate in my sharing of our Savior and all He has done in my life.

OBSERVATION--yes, two small words from that passage that made that passage come alive for me.  Let us learn to look for the small words and phrases that God intended to touch us in some way and then let us be open to applying them to our lives.

Application is next!

Love y'all--have a great Tuesday!