Fly High Today!

On Tuesday of this week I walked out on the front porch to water my ferns--I noticed that a small bird flew quickly away.

I didn't think anything of it until AFTER I had watered them.  The ferns are hanging so I took the fern down to examine it.

Sure enough there were baby birds that looked like they had just hatched--they were pink and didn't have a feather or hair on them that you could tell.  I wish I would have gotten a picture that morning but didn't.

When I went out later in the day they looked like this--

and like this yesterday............

These pictures remind me of how helpless and hopeless we are apart from the Lord but with Him we can do all things--even spreading our wings and flying to heights we would have never dreamed possible.

Fly high today dear friend.


Sandy said…
Oh, the wonder of His creation! Love these sweet pictures. Even without feathers they are beautiful to me because I became interested in birds at such a low time in my life. They bring pure joy to me.
Hope your weekend is enjoyable.
Nava said…
I hope we find out what they are--and you will have to remind me to tell you what John said--anyway--they are cute.
Susy said…
Hi D ~ love those birdies. How fun to be able to watch them grow. A little gift to you from Papa (: xo

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