Renewal Ranch Update

God is blessing us so much at Renewal Ranch but I continue to covet your prayers for this organization, its leadership, volunteers and residents. We want God's holy presence to reside over the Ranch and nothing but His will to be done there.

Prayer meeting at the Ranch last night--a wonderful time of sharing, caring and prayer--thank you, Lord!

Some cute little birdhouses some of the guys are building--we have some great carpenters in residence.

the one they made for me

Every time I see this logo on the side of it, I will remember to pray for the guys and their quest for victory through Jesus.

Thank you dear friends for every prayer you have sent our way.  It means the world to us.


Sandy said…
It's wonderful what the Lord is doing at RR. I know the prayer meetings must be so encouraging and energizing.
I think the birdhouses are great. Yours is especially cute.
I will keep all at RR in my prayers.
Anita Johnson said…
I love those birdhouses ...praying for RR too.
Debbie Petras said…
What a great retreat! Nothing like a dose of encouragement from other believers. And the power of prayer goes without saying. Continuing to pray for you.

blessings and love,
Barb said…
Remembering all of you in prayer. One of the things I love so much about God is the way he makes masterpieces out of our messes. He is so gracious, so kind, merciful, and His love for us is beyond our comprehension.
Thank you for the encouraging words left on my Let's Chat' blog. I so love writing, and do yearn more than anything else to rightly represent the Lord, to be an encourager. Thank you too, for remembering us in prayer. That means so much to us. You're such a blessing, the sun in my day.

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