Sweet Baby James

We have been busy with three of our grandchildren the last week--Ashton, Noelle and new baby brother, James.

God is so smart.  He knew just exactly what would make an old person's heart feel light and young, didn't he?

Not many things in life are as special as a new grandchild.  This was taken by my daughter-in-law, Andrea, last Sunday morning when James was almost 3 days old.  I was headed to church to see one of his sisters sing.  He did not go but will most likely go this next Sunday.

Hoping you are well and happy, snug and warm, peaceful and full of joy during this most beautiful and holy Christmas season.

Love you,

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elizabeth said…
Beautiful grandma and handsome grandson! Grandchildren are one of the sweetest things in life! :)
sheila michie said…
Congratulations! I love that photo of you & James!!
Debbie said…
Oh my goodness, he is just precious!! Congratulations on a beautiful new grandchild. I hope to hold one of my own some day. (Won't I be insufferable as a grandma? Oh dear.)

And can I say that you look really beautiful in that picture too? I love your hair that length. It's the perfect length for you.
Anita Johnson said…
Such joy! Our grandson turns one today...so much love to celebrate!
Susy said…
I'm lovin' Baby James ~ what a Christmas blessing. xo
A Defined Life said…
Congratulations! I've been away for awhile and just wanted to check out things in your world. Have a Merry Christmas!
Mary B said…
So cute and Dianne...you look GREAT! I love your hair!
Gayle said…
What a sweet picture. Newborns are so fresh from the Master's hands. Nothing sweeter.
Sandy said…
Oh, I want to save this picture forever! James is sooo precious and I wish I could cuddle him, too. You, my friend, are radiant! And, as everyone said, your hair is gorgeous at that length and in that style.
I love you and am so thrilled for you.

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