Old Things New Again

I started collecting Christmas books many years ago.

I love to read one a day through December building the Spirit of Christmas in my heart as the month rolls along.

A few years ago I decided to display them as Christmas decorations and love how they look.

Most of them have to do with the spiritual side of Christmas and are meaningful as well as pretty to display.

There are many ways you can display them if you happen to have a collection--or you could go to your local library and check out a bunch to decorate with during the holidays.  I don't think there is a law against that!

You can stack them up on your coffee table or spread them around your house on several different tables standing them on their sides as I have done in this bookcase.

You could also use the 3M velcro stickers and use them as decoration on your walls. 

And if you have a huge Bible--we have several that we have inherited--a beautiful ribbon placed in it at the point of the Christmas story makes a lovely decoration I think.  Add a sprig of holly or pine and it smells good too.

And while you're at it, stop for a few moments and read the story all over again.  It is the most beautiful of old, old stories that will become new in our hearts once again.

You can also find the story here.

Christmas blessings to you,

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