Getting it all together?

Do you ever have times that you just can't get it all together?

Well, that is where I am right now-- I'm so excited about all of our family getting together with two new family members this year--sweet baby James, (I've decided that is my nickname for him right now) and Josh, Kailey's new husband. How do you express the joy in your heart with two new people to celebrate.

We did a little remodeling early this year and one of my "nooks" for displaying Christmas stuff was enclosed so that led to a domino effect.

One of my faults is: It is hard for me to concentrate on the important things when everything is out of place--don't know if anyone can identify with that but I am just being honest.

And then the enemy tries to heap guilt upon me because I realize how selfish and egotistical that thinking is--how many in Connecticut and just the people we meet in our regular life each day would give anything to have a particular one to celebrate Christmas with and would not sweat the small stuff.

But God is good and I devoted concentrated and extra time to my relationship with Him this morning and I will be okay--He will get hold of my heart and my thinking--He is always interceding for us.

My mother-in-law always displayed special touches at Christmas and it made me feel so cared for--that she was doing it just for me--I want to do the same for my children and grandchildren and then I realize that that is part of my love language--not theirs--

This post is a little disjointed I feel but mostly I just needed to check in with you--to let you know how much I love you and to thank all of you who commented about my last picture with sweet baby James and my hair length and style. I am enjoying it and I cannot believe how much easier it is than the way I was wearing it--also, I feel more natural and that is what I like--the natural look.

Special blessings to you today,

This is Robin, step-mom to one of our guys who graduated from Renewal Ranch.  She came to me with a vision for this painting several months ago.  It became a reality--thought you might like to see it.  Photo by Josh Kear.

Update:  Robin had initially wanted me to paint the picture.  I heard her vision and thought it was wonderful but it was her vision and not mine.  I'm so glad I did not jump the gun and volunteer to paint it.  With all my heart I do not believe I could have done this as good--at least not in the rustic style that was her vision.

Way to go, Robin--you did an excellent job!

For my foreign readers who may not speak English, the sign reads "Never be afraid to trust an unknown future to an all-knowing God."  Corrie Ten Boom

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