Jewelry Giveaway

On Valentine's Day Sandy from Faith Hope Love blog and little ole me will be hosting a GIVEAWAY of three pairs of her earrings.

You can find Sandy's jewelry here at her Etsy shop--

To be eligible to win, between now and February 14, please hop over to her shop, either favorite her shop or 'heart' at least one pair of earrings (to 'heart' just mouse over a pair in the upper right hand corner), come back here and leave a comment on Valentine's Day.  That's it!  That's all you have to do to have a chance to win a pair of her beautiful earrings.  And if your name is one of the three chosen out of the ones leaving comments, then you WIN!

Here are pictures of two of the three pairs to be given away.

©All art, photographs and text property of Elizabeth Dianne unless otherwise notes, 2008-2014, all rights reserved.


Nancy said…
You and Sandy are a pair of angels...I love her earrings and will definitely be hoping to win a pair....

Whoever photographed these really did a good job....

I hope you have a great weekend...
Thanks, Nancy--I guess we are a team in more than one way--she photographed and I edited--lol!
Rayray Cartucci said…
I hearted the shop and all of my favorite earring too. Which turned out to be alot of them. I love this jewelry.....all of these pieces are something I would wear. Thanks!
Thanks, Rayray--Please come back on Valentine's Day and just say 'hi' and that will be your ticket to win. So glad you liked Sandy's jewelry!
Sandy said…
Hey Dianne, this is exciting doing a giveaway together! I have all three pairs of the earrings packaged and ready to ship out when we see who wins and get their addresses! Only twelve more days to go!
Love ya!
Denise said…
Thanks to both of you lovely ladies for your generous give-away! I am excited to enter for a chance to win and add to my collection of Sandra's jewelry! Blessings and love to you both!
Anonymous said…
Great giveaway! So happy to enter.
NanaNor's said…
Hi there, Just came over from Sandy's blog for another chance to win a pair of her beautiful earrings.
You are both so generous and I'm thankful for this.
I love Sandy's work... and her blog. She is a constant source of encouragement and inspiration for me. =) blessings ~ tanna
JACLYN said…
I favorited her shop and a gorgeous pair of earrings! Thanks for the chance! Jaclyn
Cindy said…
Love Sandy's jewelry! Count me in on the chance to win a pair of earrings. :)
Anita Johnson said…
So very fun! I do heart her work!
<3'd many more than 1 pr they are all so beautiful and a verry Valentine kind of gift to offer - ty for the kindness !

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