Kennedy and Ashton

They say that a really good picture tells a story. Ashton and Kennedy have never lived in the same town, see each other only about 3 times a year max, but yet they are closer than close and love each other so much. I can just imagine the "cousin secrets" they were telling as we sneaked this picture from a distance.

These are our 7 grandchildren!

This is Noelle, almost 4, and Ashton, who just turned 8--They are Chris and Dree's daughters.

These are our two oldest grandchildren, Kailey, almost 18 and Kendall, 15--

They belong to Jeff and Kim.

This is Caroline, 11, Katelyn, almost 14, and Kennedy, almost 9--They are Michael and Traci's daughters.

This is Noelle, age 3--Chris and Dree's baby girl

God was gracious and we enjoyed an awesome time together, eating, playing scrabble, shopping, talking, celebrating birthdays, watching old Christmas videos, crying, playing golf, going to basketball games, etc. Thank you, Lord, for precious family times together.