When Larry and I were dating and before we got really serious, he sent me a dozen red roses. That bouquet contained a white orchid. Now, it just so happened at this point in time that there was a popular song by Wayne Newton entitled "Red Roses for a Blue Lady."

Also, the lyrics contained the line, "and one white orchid for her wedding day," and it also talked about "a silly quarrel," which we also had had.

I thought Larry was starting to allude to marriage about this time during our courtship so when I got the flowers, I wrote him a letter and said, "Yes, I will." He was working out of town at the time. He wrote back and said, "Yes, you will what?"

I don't remember when I got up the courage to tell him that I was answering "yes" to what I thought was a marriage proposal. We found out later that Cabot Florist in North Little Rock (the greatest florist anywhere) automatically put one white orchid in every bouquet of a dozen roses. OH ME! How embarrassing!!

Yesterday, Larry made a trip to the same florist and got me red roses with yes, one white orchid.

Oh, by the way, I found a card recently that Larry gave me about 30 years ago and it was pretty mushy. Anyway, down in the bottom corner he said, "Don't show this to anyone. I have to keep up my image." Well, don't tell him that you saw this card on my blog. It might devastate him and he could never show his face in public again. LOL