This morning I received an email from my precious Tulsa friend, Lynda. In it she shared a prayer request that I did not know her family was experiencing. In my response to her, I was reminded of an old hymn we used to sing years ago and shared that with her as I breathed a prayer for their situation. As a child I had problems but nothing so staggering that I really came to appreciate the words to the song. After living a lifetime and knowing the hurt that most any lifetime can bring us along the way, the words to that old song became a reality for me. I never will forget the day I heard the song after not hearing it for 40 or 50 years.

I go to a nursing home on Thursday mornings with a few others to minister to some patients there who want to worship God in a corporate setting. One of the first Thursdays I was there, we sang that grand ole hymn and floods of tears fell from my eyes. For you see, no matter what you are going through today, someday you will understand it better, someday you can ask Jesus to explain it and I'm sure He will be glad to give you an explanation, an explanation that has eternity written all over, in and through it. After looking on the face of Jesus though, I bet we won't even want an answer--everything we've experienced down here will be worth it all.

When I came to the computer a few minutes ago to write on my blog, I thought that I would share the song Father Along with you. I went to YouTube to see if I could find it and then decided on the spur of the moment to check my email first. There was an email from my friend and yes, God had performed a miracle and there was an answer to their situation.

So today's blog is dedicated to Lynda. Thank you, Lynda, for your unwavering love for Jesus Christ, for the awesome witness you are to the students at Union High School in Tulsa, Oklahoma and for being my friend. I love you.