The memory of the righteous will be a blessing,,,,,,,Proverbs 10:7a

Right now I could cry. About a month ago, when I looked at the picture of this old lawn loveseat in our backyard, a poem of several stanzas just came to me, within about a minute. I posted it in blogger and saved it as a draft.

I just spent about an hour refining it and getting it all ready for a "Simple Pleasures" post for tomorrow. When I brought in the scripture from an outside source and clicked to paste it, my whole post disappeared. The little automatic saver button came on before I could navigate away from the page. If this ever happens to you, if you will immediately navigate away before the little "save now" button clicks, it will revert back to your original post before editing, if you have previously saved it. Does that make any sense???

I feel sick in the pit of my gut and yet I know and believe and live my life by Romans 8:28--so, I am not going to sweat the small stuff. I am going to ask you to imagine what things might have gone on in this old loveseat and share those with us in your comments. That will probably be way better than my poem anyway.

Love all of you,

2010-the Year of Longings

He longs to "keep company" with us.

I long to be in His presence.

I am linking to Simple Pleasures today.

What could be more simple or more pleasurable than gliding in this old loveseat?

Project Simple Pleasures2

My husband's best friend from childhood gave this old loveseat to us recently. It belonged to his mom who is now 96 years old. My husband wanted to refinish it but I couldn't bear to strip away all the memories from this old piece.