The Lord's Prayer--A Kingdom Prayer

Did I get it right in the last post when I said the definition of a kingdom prayer is this?

Kingdom prayers are prayers that do not dwell on the "here and now" and praying for someone's life to be easy and free of any kind of pain or stress, but focuses on prayers that will bring forth God's eternal Kingdom.

It seems that I said more what kingdom prayers are not than what they really are.

One thing about a blog I like is discovering day by day and being able to voice when we were not quite accurate (or totally inaccurate) in our quest for knowledge.  

I would like to restate what I believe kingdom prayers are.  
Kingdom prayers are prayers that focus on actions or attitudes today that will help promote and bring God's kingdom into our lives today so that people may be touched for eternity.  (I'm sure they are much more than this and I think God will keep revealing to us what kingdom prayers really are.)
While praying this morning and asking God to show me what a kingdom prayer really is, my mind went to The Lord's Prayer.  As I said it over in my mind a couple of times, I realized that it really is a kingdom prayer.

Let's explore it just a little bit.

Our Father Who art in heaven, hallowed be thy Name--

First of all we are stating who God is and all that He ever has been or ever will be in the acknowledging of His Name--in fact, we cannot even talk about Him in terms of "has been" or "will be" because 'He Is."  He is the GREAT I AM.  He says that about himself.  So let's take a moment and hallow His Name.

Personally I think we hallow His Name by calling Him Who He is-- so let's do that.

While you read these, I hope you will feel free to whisper (or shout) or say to God the names that come to your mind that describe Him.  Try to think of all the attributes or ramifications that are indicative of each name.



Victorious Warrior

Father to the fatherless

Spirit of Truth

So that is our kingdom prayer for today and what an awesome one it is:  Our Father Who art in heaven; hallowed be thy Name.

That will be my focused prayer today--just repeating that over and over to the Father as I go about my daily activities.


My granddaughter is marrying one of the guys (Josh--doesn't he look great in pink?!) who graduated from the Ranch.  Their wedding vows will take place in September.  

Yesterday we drove a couple of hours to the place where they will make their home.  He will be farming, in fact has started already.  

I got to drive the big tractor while I was there.  And it was so exciting to get to do something new at my age.  And my "new knee" did great climbing up to get in it--it was a long way up.  

Here are a couple of pictures.

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