He is Worth Waiting For

As we patiently and humbly wait for our God to appear at this Advent season, may we learn the true joy of waiting and total dependence upon Him.

Just as the tiny babe made his appearance and lay helpless in His mother's arms, so we are to make our appearance into the kingdom of God--not demanding when and where our birth should take place but in all faith depending on the God of the universe to govern the circumstances.

It is amazing to think of the circumstances surrounding Christ's birth--the journey on a donkey, no room to house them, no familiar surroundings of home, family or friends--just the quiet dependence on a Holy God to bring all of the circumstances together.

The babe lay helpless, totally dependent upon His parents to love, clothe, feed and nurture Him.

Can we come to Him today just the same?

Why, Father, do we fret and toil so hard when You have told us to be reliant on You, that You will take care of all our needs?

Father, forgive our faithlessness and show us how during this season of waiting to truly learn what it is to wait for You.

When I am rushing, help me to slow down.

When I am fretting, let me learn to give my anxious thoughts to you.

When I am distrusting, pierce my spirit with conviction and show me your faithfulness once again.

When I am not loving, quicken my heart to the needs of those around me and my need to depend on You to love through me.

When I am being less than the vessel of Your grace you intended me to be, empty me and fill me up with Your power and goodness.

When I am impatient, teach me to wait on You--You are worth waiting for.

Truly my soul silently waits for God; from Him comes my salvation. Psalm 62:1