Messiah Come, Be Born In My Heart Anew!

This reckoning of the past with the future--this looking ahead anticipating His arrival--but looking back at what happened in a lowly stable over two thousand years ago--brings us to a crux--the crux of now--this minute--this moment--will I invite Him in to my heart again?

There to rule and reign and have full control of my life, my thoughts, my actions--

 or will I leave Him stranded out in the cold of my hardened heart?  

So tonight, Father, I ask You to come into my heart afresh, anew--

Cleanse me of anything that is foreign to faith in You.

Wash me and I will be whiter than snow.

I will start over with no past to bind me.

I will fly free to explore the heavens you left in all your glory,

To come, a meager babe, like me in so many ways,

And yet divine,

A n d   Y e t   D i v i n e!

As Christians we speak of being 'born again'

Tonight I want Him to be born again

Right in the middle of my heart.

Come, thou long expected Jesus.

Come, Messiah, Come

Be born In my heart anew!

"There is something extraordinary about Christ being born in your heart, isn't there? 
There is something special and unique about having Jesus live within you.  
And although you may not be wealthy or wise in the eyes of the world, the very riches of His kingdom have been promised to you.
The Word of Christ can dwell in you richly, giving you His very mind.
And if you remain available to Him, He will use you to accomplish His wise and mighty plans in this old world. 
Like Mary, you have something to sing about this Christmas season!  Because God has chosen you.  Because you've been blessed.  Christ the King has been born--not just in a stable, but in your heart."
Excerpt from A Christmas Longing by Joni Eareckson Tada