Just Keeping In Touch Here

Hi from me here on my little end of the sofa.  This is where I blog from, have my devotionals, read, write, etc.  It seems like the only picture I ever take is taken right here.  

My hubby brought these this beautiful poinsettia plant home to me the other day.  It is huge--maybe 3 feet tall--
Anyway, when he first brought it in the door my heart sank as I thought, "Where in the world will I put that?"
But I found the perfect spot for it and now I think the room really needed it.
I just ran and took this picture and it is late at night.  The lighting was terrible but you can at least see the size of it and where I put it.

I don't have a lot to say today--my heart is hurting and I am not handling it well.
Our family has been going through a particularly hard trial since last March. 
I'm thinking of all of you who are in difficult spots at this holiday time.
My heart goes out to you and I pray His peace for you.
She Reads Truth (at www.shereadstruth.com) was particularly good today.
It really helped lift my spirits.
It helped me get in the mood to "get on" with the decorating.  
I spent the whole day working in my living room.  
I purged a lot of the pictures I had on the walls--I now have a more "clean" look.
It is nice, I think, for the holidays since I have a lot of other clutter in the house that I don't normally have but I also miss the "homey" feel that all the pictures gave.
I wonder what I'll end up doing after Christmas.  I don't think I will go totally back to the way I had it but will probably add something.  I don't do the "bare" look very well.
God bless you sweet friends.  I am praying that God especially touches each one who comes here today.
I hope I didn't sound like too much of a "downer."
I know they (whoever they is) say that bloggers are supposed to be transparent etc.
And it's not that I care if you know when I'm hurting, it's just that I believe what the Bible says about "counting it all joy."
That is the way I try to live my life--I don't always do it well but that is my goal--
To handle life like Jesus would want me to.