Shout to the Lord!

Shout to the LORD all the Earth!

A walk through my yard indicated that the Earth is starting to show signs of shouting to the Lord Most High!

Of course, there are some timid souls who are still burying their little heads and hands but just give them some time.

A few more days, a few more weeks and they too will lose all their inhibitions and come forth as bold, beautiful creatures who are not ashamed to proclaim the goodness and beauty of our God.

What about me?  What about you?  Have you shouted of His goodness lately?  Have you startled those around you with your carefree and and uninhibited bursts of praise?

At my husband's advanced age, I don't want to cause him to have an episode, so I think when he leaves for errands I will take advantage of the opportunity!

Wishing you a wonderful Wednesday!

Here is a link to Redeemer Presbyterian's Lenten series--it is good!

And a gentle reminder, Wednesdays are when we pray especially for the peace of Jerusalem!

We come before you today to ask your blessings on Jerusalem and all of Israel.
We pray that in the days ahead you will burden our hearts more and more for Israel and teach us how to pray.
In your Word we are told to pray for the peace of Jerusalem and we know that you are peace--the only true peace comes from you--
We pray that you would protect Israel from those who would want to destroy her, who would want this country wiped from the face of the map.
When her enemies stretch forth their bows, may their arrows fall short--Psalm 58:7b
And not only that, Lord, but we pray that her enemies would have miraculous encounters with you--we pray that You would make Yourself real to them in visions and dreams, in encounters that we cannot even imagine.
Thank you so much for the readers of this blog from that part of the world. Be gracious and compassionate towards them, Lord, and enrich their lives abundantly with the knowledge of You.
Thank you for the power of prayer.
All things we ask in the name of Jesus,


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