The Marvelous Light of Life

Good Morning to all of you precious people.  I hope that your weekend was wonderful and full of the Light of Life.

Isn't this an absolutely incredible scripture?

Choosing to follow after Him is our part and He supplies all the light we will ever need from that moment on to follow the right path.

This walk with him is a daily thing--really the choices are minute by minute.

I seemingly make better and wiser choices if I start my day with Bible reading and prayer--being alone with Him, spending time with the God of the Universe.

Wow!  How could I ever think I don't have time to do that?

The fact that He wants to be alone with me is staggering but I accept it and know it is true.

He has proven it to me over and over again.

He feels the same about YOU!

His presence is to be more desired than any kind of rare and beautiful treasure.

He is the rare and beautiful treasure.

It's not long until Easter Sunday.

The excitement is growing in my heart for the day we will celebrate His resurrection!

On Mondays, we pray for the generations.  What a privilege and pleasure it is to bring our friends and family before God to beseech His salvation and care for them.

I am including a prayer for you--

The Lord will keep you from all harm
    he will watch over your life;
 the Lord will watch over your coming and going
    both now and forevermore.

from the Psalms

O Lord, the precious ones!  Would you watch over their lives?  Will you watch over their comings and goings both now and in the future.

Will you guard them as the apple of your eye?

Will you finish the work you have started in them?

Will You use them all for Your glory?

Will You purify and purge them with Your precious Holy Spirit so that they can be used of You to minister to a lost and dying world?

If there is any among them who does not know You, will You arrange a meeting for them today to accept You?

Will You set in motion all the events that need to happen for them to be drawn closer to You?

Will You heal broken hearts?

Will you mend crushed spirits?

Will You ordain angels to guard them in all their ways?

Will You be to them all that a Godly mother and father should be to a child?

Will you guard and love them with all the power You possess?

Lord, I love You and I know You love these precious ones more than my mind can even fathom.

I praise You for what you are doing and going to do in each of their lives.

Would You help me to guard my heart and my mind today so that I may reflect Your love to others.

I ask all of this in the precious and lovely Name of Your only begotten Son, the Lord Jesus Christ to whom belongs glory and honor forever and ever.



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