North Caroliney Bound

We spent Thursday night, April 26th, in Athens, Tennessee. It is a precious little town with lots of old buildings.

Tennessee Wesleyan College is there also.

We drove all over that little town, (which really wasn't so little) and I did not see one piece of trash.

Every home (big or small) was well taken care of--yards and all. It was a real treat to visit.

And their churches--oh my, they had some precious churches. I will show a few pictures but you know I have to save most of them for Weekend Worship.

The next morning after spending the night in Athens, the day dawned bright and with the most beautiful clouds.  In fact, it seemed as though we had the prettiest skies and clouds on the whole trip.  Maybe I was just looking more than usual.

Tennessee Wesleyan College

The following churches are in Maryville, TN or just outside of it.  And I'm giving you just a little peek--not my best pictures.  Those will come later during Weekend Worship.

The next few pictures were taken in a moving car-a couple while moving slowly and the rest at a fairly good clip--I just sat in the back and played while Karen and Marilyn did all the hard work of driving and navigating.

We're getting closer--lots of hills, mountains, lakes and streams!
Tomorrow--rolling in to The Potter's House

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