Going Down to the Potter's House

We arrived at the Potter's House on Friday afternoon, April 27, to a warm and welcoming greeting from our facilitators Nancy and Pat.

Our devotional path led us along beside "The Cleft of the Rock."

The creek was gorgeous and so loud!

Walking under the arbor with the art shed in the background.

Nancy from Created for a Journey and Karen from Places Of My Heart,

Our co-facilitators, Nancy and Pat--thank you, sweet ladies for all the work and preparation that went in to making the retreat a great blessing for us.

One of the beautiful evergreen trees on The Potter's House property.

Nancy and Pat spending a little time in fellowship.

A beautiful stained glasss rendering of a butterfly in The Potter's House reminding us that a butterfly flies on to bigger and better things and does not dwell on the lowly worm it once was.

Here we are--see us fly!
Nancy, Marilyn, Pat, and I right before the retreat broke up on Sunday.
New friends bonded forever in Jesus!

    Blessings to you,

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