Divine Meetings

My days are starting to run together. I was using two cameras and uploading them to my computer as we drove. Anyway I will try to report accurately but in case mine and Karen's accounts don't jive, you will know the fault lies with me.

When we left Sugar Grove, NC, we drove to Boone and on to Blowing Rock, Asheville and on to Brevard.

The church is in Blowing Rock.

Driving the Blue Ridge Parkway--indescribable--
I'm not sure if it was Sunday or Monday when we drove the Parkway but it was so beautiful--it was very hazy though making really great pictures almost impossible--

A dogwood bloom I think--although theirs is quite different from the dogwoods in Arkansas--

When God knits hearts together it is a masterful creation--Several years ago, Sandy (second from left-you can find her blog here) and I started reading each other's blogs and through our emails became 'forever friends' as we like to say.  I consider Sandy one of the best friends I've ever had in my life and I only met her a week ago last Sunday.

If it looks like Sandy is shooing a bug away and that I am waving "hi," then that is exactly what happened--I think! ha ha

When she started waving her hand back and forth I thought she wanted us to wave at the camera so I was just acquiescing (spelling?)--but I think I will do that more often--I like the hand in front of my face--!!!

When I first started planning to go on the trip and discovered how close we would be going to Sandy's home, I asked Karen if she thought there was any way we might stop by and meet Sandy and her husband.

Karen and Marilyn so lovingly and graciously accommodated my request and then fell in love with Sandy and Kim themselves.

Pardon my red face and puffy eyes--we had all just prayed together and I shed more than a few tears--

That God would give me the opportunity of meeting this precious sister in Christ and her gentle husband is still more than my little finite mind can fathom but I am ever so grateful.
From the bottom of my heart I am grateful.
Thank you, Jesus!  Sweet, sweet Jesus!

Is this not the cutest couple you've ever laid eyes on?
Sandy and Kim, I love you both.

  Blessings of peace on you and yours,

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