Weekend Worship at Highlands United Methodist Church, Highlands, Tennessee

When we first drove up Marilyn and I both noticed that there seemed to be

the outline of an angel in the clouds.

And maybe I am just wanting to see things but I can see the form of another angel between these clouds--it looks as if she has a crown with a star atop her head.

But the most beautiful sight that rendered the most meaning to me was this cross
with the long sash of starry lace.

To me the dichotomy of the cross and lace spoke volumes--
the ugliness of sin in mass heaped upon an innocent lamb...........

the beauty of the spotless lamb who spoke not a word when
led to the slaughter.....
against a backdrop of splintery scars

and suddenly the scarred becomes the starred.........

Philippians 2 urges us to become blameless and without fault, children of God who amidst a perverse generation shine like stars in the universe. 
If ever our country and our world needed us to shine, dear friend, it is now!

May your weekend be blessed,

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Karen said…
~and suddenly the scarred becomes the starred (these words) touched my heart, dear friend! So glad I was there to see it with my own eyes, but you did a wonderful job capturing the moment!
Pamela said…
Beautiful. I love the steeple and how it points us to God. The angles you take your pictures makes me feel like they are speaking to me. And then your words..."the backdrop of splintery scars" Philippians is one of my favorite books.
Beautiful and amen! I always stop and really look at churches because of your pictures you have shared through the years...thanks for sharing your passion.

Yes Phil 2..my prayer for myself today, "if my people would humble themselves"...and that is where I need to start
Charlotte said…
Amen, Thank you for sharing these gorgeous pictures. I always enjoy what you share.
I love churches with steeples! And oh - the cross with the sash always fills me with emotion! Beautiful!
Sarah (Nikki) said…
hope you sense His angels watching over you today...as always...beautiful pics and words.

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