My Favorite Girl Names

Well, I guess if Pioneer Woman can do it, I can too.

Leah--Love this Biblical name--don't know why, just have always loved it.  It is probably my all time favorite name.

Rachel--Love this Biblical name also--also don't know why...just do.

Elizabeth--My first name--sure wish my parents would have called me this.

Leanna--My grandmother's name--only I think it might have been Lee Anna--two names--not sure.

Jacqueline--One of the best friends I've ever had was named Jacqueline--she died when we were teenagers--she was beautiful in every way.

Heather--I always loved this because I thought it was so different (you have to remember, I am old)

Mariah--a great, great grandmother had this name--I love it!

Michelle--and some of the loveliest people I have ever know have been named Michelle--

Lauren--soft, feminine, beautiful

Gabriella--Gabby is cute but I would try to keep the whole name--strong, fiesty,

Alexis, Alexa, Alexandria--historic yet modern

Brooke--just love it--don't know why--

I would love to hear about some of your favorite names and why--


Susy said…
Hi ~ me again (:
I'm on my PC now and can get to the comment section.
I've also always loved Elizabeth. Since I have an Italian surname, if I'd ever had a girl I would have loved to name her Isabela. My grandmother's names were Lila and Helena ~ both lovely I think. But then, I'm old too (: xo
Sandy said…
Here's my favorites: Chloe, Ella-means bright light, Emma, Isabella-consecrated to God, Kate-pure, and was my grandma and great grandma's name, Kaitlyn-pure, Karin-my first niece, Keira, Leah-delicate, Lauren, Sophie-wisdom, Yvonne-my middle name, Mikaila-who is like God?, Molly-star of the sea, great grandma's name. These names have been favorites for years!
Dianne said…
Oh, I love Mikaila and also Micah--forgot about those--so many beautiful names--hard to choose!
Anita Johnson said…
Just tonight at Bible Study we shared our parents first names with the group...mostly Biblical names...but the most unusual had to be Zerlina.
Debbie said…
I still like the names I gave my daughters, Mary and Laura. Mary is actually called Mary Dee, a shortened form of her middle name Deanna, which is my mom's name. I think if I were doing in again, we would call her Mary Anna instead. I love the name Mary Anna.

My favorite girl's names of all right now are Grace and Emma.

I also like Caroline, Elizabeth, Sarah, and Leah.
Debbie Petras said…
Very interesting post!

I have always loved the name Jordan. I'm not sure why but I love the sound of the name. Maybe the Jordan River comes to mind; I don't know.

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