Freely Given

Jesus said, "Peace I leave with you. My peace I give you......." John 14:27 
Thank God for His perfect peace that He so freely gives.

© all photographs and text property of Dianne Hogue unless otherwise noted
Photo by Jerry James--thank you, Jerry
Marcella Church of Christ between Batesville and Mountain View, AR

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Deidra Riggs said…
Wow. This is beautiful. I could use a little peace today.
Beloved said…
Beautiful. So glad I found you at the Sunday Community.
Peace and good to you.
3dlessons4life said…
This is so lovely! What a sweet promise... fills me with confidence and hope. :)
Nancy said…
What a beautiful representation of this Scripture. Thank goodness God has provided peace for us in all circumstances whether good or bad....He is our everything....
pretty, pretty website, photo, presentation of a lovely verse!

caryjo said…
A real heart grinner. Thank you so much.
Kaye Swain said…
Gorgeous and peaceful! A lovely way to end the night. Thank you.
Dina said…
Often, I forgot the magnitude of the power of the words spoken by Jesus. When I imagine Him actually speaking these words of life and assurance, it's makes me almost tremble.
elizabeth said…
Gorgeous! For some reason, the sky in the photo is what captivates me.
Mia De Vries said…
Hi Dianne
I found your blog via Charlotte's. it always brings me such assurance and joy that all we need to do, is to live in our Lord Jesus. What can ever be sweeter than that!
Blessings to you
Dianne said…
Hi Mia,
I am hoping you receive this little note.

I have tried to comment on your blog and for some reason Word Press will not let me.

I used to have a Word Press account and I think it has something to do with that but I'm not sure.

Anyway, I appreciate you and your comments.

Also, I could not find an email address for you.

Will look again.

Thank you for your kind words. said…
I feel at peace in just looking. I sense joy through the tulips too. May your day be blessed and a blessing. Caring through Christ, ~linda
Mary said…
His peace is one of His greatest gifts to us! Love the picture, just beautiful! Blessings
Lisa said…
I'v always been drawn to small rural churches. You have framed this one beautifully with a unique perspective.
Beautiful picture that could be framed on a wall in a beautiful setting. Wow.

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