Goodwill Jeans

My daughter-in-law works for "the Goodwill" as some of you (tongue in cheek) call it.

 They are having a big fundraiser/fashion show which sounds like it will be quite fun.

 The gist of it goes like this: They have enlisted several local artists and models.

 Each model went to Goodwill, picked out a pair of jeans that they will model in the fashion show and then the jeans were delivered to one of the artists to be embellished/painted etc.

 The day of the luncheon and auction each pair of jeans will be modeled and sold to benefit Goodwill.

 I am not quite through with the pair of jeans I am decorating but here they are. I will add a vine of flowers to the right back leg and another flower on the left back pocket.

The true calligraphers out there would be appalled by this lettering but I call myself a "modern mark maker."  That gives me a license (smile) to do a lot of things I could not get by with otherwise.

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