I've Made Up My Mind

Well, I've finally done it--made up my mind that is!

There is nothing on God's green earth that moves me like the dogwood tree.

It's beauty and grace are unmatched--in my humble opinion.

Give me a camera and a few blooms and my day is made!

Thanking God for all of his many blessings this past week--
among them this beautiful tree growing in my front side yard.

Their beauty is breathtaking to me--

Exquisite--as much as I love that word, it is not good enough......

Thank you, God for all the blessings--

Really too numerous to count--

The week at Mountain View with the guys from Renewal Ranch--

Ronnie fixing our car while there--

The six men who came to chapel on Saturday wanting to have their lives restored through
Jesus Christ

The incredible service we had--

The voices of Dean, Chance and Ed as they blended together in perfect harmony--

The fun, food, laughter and fellowship--

That Abel returned from his grandfather's funeral in Texas

That Atlas came home--

That Kim gave her testimony Sunday night--a year clean--how awesome!

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