Some of the Lights of My Life

My husband and I are at a fishing resort in Mountain View with the men from Renewal Ranch.  The resort has been here over fifty years and really needs a lot of tender loving care.

We came for a week last year and again this year--as an act of service to the lovely people who own and run this place.  One of the volunteers at the Ranch has been coming here every year for over 30 years.  He knew of the need and arranged our trip.

The hours that our men work and all they do would literally cost a small fortune and this is a way we can give back for all the support we get from the community.

Chance and Jacob having a little fun!

My husband, Larry, and James




Jason and Chance

One of our graduates, Chris

Jacob, Stephen and Nick



Jerry, one of the volunteers at Renewal Ranch 

The view across the White River from where we are staying.

A little study time for class next week--

The guys are working so hard and accomplishing so much while we are here--from replacing railroad tie steps leading down to the dock, to reroofing an outbuilding, to trimming lot and lots of trees and bushes, to painting the screened in porches on nine units to general clean up--they did a he-man amount of work.  So proud of the work God is doing in their lives and their sweet attitudes.

The deck behind the restaurant where I did some studying.

Chad, Jason and Chance


Cooper and Ronnie

Cooper and Ronnie
Cooper is also a recent graduate and is a bunkhouse leader.



Jordan and Nick


Oh, how we love the men of Renewal Ranch.  It is my prayer that God will keep His hand and His spirit upon this place so that men will continue to have their lives restored through Christ.  What an awesome privilege to get to be a small part of the great work God is doing in the hearts of these men.  Thank you, Lord!

Some of the scenery the guys who went fishing in the evenings got to see.
Pictures taken by Jerry James.
My apologies to Ernie and Shawn.  I couldn't find them when I was taking pictures so will have to update the post later with their pictures.

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