Prayer-The Music of My Heart

Today's post is taken from yesterday's prayer for the precious ones in my life. I record these prayers under the "Pray With Me" section on the sidebar.

I love to pray scripture over them.

When you can, I would love for you to join me in prayer.  It is our greatest resource.


You, God, are my God,
    earnestly I seek you;
I thirst for you,
    my whole being longs for you,
in a dry and parched land
    where there is no water.
Psalm 63:1

Father, I love you.  I give you praise.
It is for the precious ones that I meet with You here and ask You to bless them.

I pray that the scripture above will be their earnest prayer--

that they will recognize that You are their God--
that they will seek You with all their hearts--
That they will thirst for You and long for You 
in a deep and holy way.

Father, would You saturate their dryness with Your precious Holy Spirit?
Would you be an oasis, a deep well, a river of living water that will
spring up from within them and minister to them all the days of their lives.

Father, how I thank You for the gift of prayer--
especially that of praying scripture.
My heart beats hard, Father, when I pray scripture,
because I know that You are touched by Your Word
and also touched by my infirmities.

You will respond to Your Word and I am confident when I pray
Your Word that You will bring things to pass--
You will open doors that have been seemingly sealed shut,

You will make a way where huge obstacles block the path,
You will bring light in extreme darkness.

Father, I love the word extreme--
Because that is what You are to me.

Extreme in Your love,
Extreme in Your faithfulness,
Extreme in Your holiness,
Extreme in Your grace and mercy--
Extreme in Your Extremeness.

Forever to worship You.

That is the extreme ultimate.

I pray in Jesus' Name.  Amen

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photo taken my my daughter-in-law, Dree, of my youngest granddaughter, Noelle