WOYWW-He Is Not Here

I've been reading about Mary Magdalene this week and her encounter with Jesus at the tomb.

The above canvas is an acrylic painting on my workdesk in my studio.

In white it says, "Why Seek the living" and in black horizontally it says, "Among the dead."

It is very contemporary and calligraphic in nature.

I also added the translation to the modern mark-marking (in black) but really wish I had not.

As an artist, one of the things I deal with so often is overworking a piece.

The piece below illustrates a much more clean look which is what I wanted in the above piece.

I is an 18" x 24" piece.

The painting below was done last night on the virtual workdesk of my IPad using the app Pen and Ink.

I'm liking it but not sure it is finished--I love the Pen and Ink app because it gives a beautiful finish to each calligraphic mark--so clean, clear and crisp--a great program!

He is not here; he has risen, just as he said. Come and see the place where he lay. 
 Matt. 28:6

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