Goodwill Jeans

My daughter-in-law works for "the Goodwill" as some of you (tongue in cheek) call it.

 They are having a big fundraiser/fashion show which sounds like it will be quite fun.

 The gist of it goes like this: They have enlisted several local artists and models.

 Each model went to Goodwill, picked out a pair of jeans that they will model in the fashion show and then the jeans were delivered to one of the artists to be embellished/painted etc.

 The day of the luncheon and auction each pair of jeans will be modeled and sold to benefit Goodwill.

 I am not quite through with the pair of jeans I am decorating but here they are. I will add a vine of flowers to the right back leg and another flower on the left back pocket.

The true calligraphers out there would be appalled by this lettering but I call myself a "modern mark maker."  That gives me a license (smile) to do a lot of things I could not get by with otherwise.

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elizabeth said…
I LOVE your work...don't know how your calligraphy could be any better!
Gina said…
I think they're fabulous!! Your calligraphy looks great to me.
fantastic calligraphy on a simple jeans! AMAZING!

Happy PPF
Susi from the monthly challenge for art journalers---
Sandy said…
These are sooo cool! I would love to be wearing them!
Dianne said…
oh my, these are gorgeous... and believe me, I know it's not easy to get paint to go smoothly onto denim! don't know how you created such beautiful lettering but it will surely be a hit at the auction. happy PPF!
Cindy said…
Oh, the Modern Mark Making looks fabulous!! I love repurposing old worn-out jeans, but I might have to find some with a little life left in them! Coming from StudioJRU...

what a great idea! i would wear
those jeans with great joy.
Kim said…
Very cool what a fab idea! HPPF!
Hope you raise lots of money
Cat Beringer said…
I have such a hard time with lettering and paint! Your lettering is fabulous!
Janis Cox said…
These are beautiful. And I love the lettering - very lovely.
Its great to see some really good calligraphy! The jeans look amazing!
Netty said…
terrific idea and love the way you have painted your jeans, so fab.
Happy PPF, Annette x
denthe said…
Oh, what a fun thing to do! Your lettering is perfect, love the little flowers!
Anita Johnson said…
What a great idea! I don't know about real calligraphers, but your free style work is just beautiful! Oh how I wish you lived closer!
I loved to decorate my jeans with biro-drawings and hand stitchings. Wonderful decoration!

Happy PPF
Giggles said…
LOVE LOVE LOVE have created a wonderful new style!! These are amazing..and so fashionable in the seventies!! This is an even better twist and the lettering is gorgeous!!
Good job, wishing you great success
with the fashion show!

Hugs Giggles
I was just thinking as I was reading your post that your lettering looked so amazing and then the addition of the flowers, what a great idea!!! Happy PPF
oh wow... this is so beautiful! i love your lettering! what a fun idea for a fundraiser! :)
Tam Hess said…
Beautiful writing! I took a calligraphy class in college and still can't write like that! Happy PPF :)
mom2six said…
These are beautiful!
Annabelle said…
Beautiful lettering and sweet posies.Good luck on the fundraiser : )

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