Still Looking Back

'Every Easter Sunday my family joined a longstanding custom of the community.
In order that everyone feel welcome to come and celebrate the resurrection of our Lord, my mom and I wore flour-sack dresses to church as did all the other women and girls.
The men and boys donned their everyday overalls. There were no excuses for not having anything new to wear on Easter Sunday morning on those pastel, early spring days in Arkansas."
---------this is a portion of a story I wrote about my youth--Arkansas' Child-------- 

Still looking back at Easter Sunday and many Easter Sundays of the past.

This is a painting of one of the churches I attended in my youth.

Many precious memories made there.

I learned how to love in that church.

My heart will be forever grateful for the people who crossed my path there.

© all photographs and text property of Dianne Hogue unless otherwise noted

the painting is mixed media--watercolor/acrylics/watercolor pencils/permanent markers

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Debbie said…
Beautiful post, and painting. I especially love your colors in this painting.
sharon said…
Beautiful church. Precious memories for you.
peggy apl said…
great style! and what an interesting tradition. it's the first time i've heard of it!
happy Easter, happy PPF and thanks for sharing!
peggy aplSEEDS
Netty said…
Lovely memories and a beautiful painting. Happy PPF, Annette x
Oh I love the soft freedom in this painting. Happy PPF. xox
Susan said…
Such an inspirational post! Thanks for sharing. Happy PPF
Nordljus said…
Absolutely love this!
Deanna said…
Beautiful painting. It is a wonderful thing when we can link our artwork to fond memories.
Debbie said…
What a beautiful thing to do. I have taught at a women's function about what the Word really says about what to wear to church. You all got to the very point of the words on those Easter Sundays back then.
Sarah Evans said…
What a lovely painting and a lovely tradition too. There can be such solidarity and camaraderie in sharing an experience like that where everyone was on the same level - rich or poor.

Sarah @ A Cat-Like Curiosity
La Abela said…
So beautiful and interesting. Saludos
Alicia C said…
Love your wonderful tradition!
Dianne said…
A touching quote and lovely art work! I love your little country church painting...happy PPF!
Kim said…
Beautiful post and painting, love it. HPPF!
Beverley Baird said…
A beautiful painting - and lovely memories too.
Giggles said…
Looks much like my childhood church!! I also learned about loving and the kind of person I wanted to be there!!

Hugs Giggles
Cat Beringer said…
I super love this painting. It's so colorful and welcoming. I love the looseness of it. It's just so wonderful!!
bellefrogworks said…
What a lovely post - only equaled by that wonderful painting. I love that tradition - what a great way to make everyone feel welcome to celebrate the Resurrection! HPPF
Carola Bartz said…
Such a beautiful painting, Dianne. This is such a nice way to keep your memories, to get back to your childhood, to the things that are important for you.
I like the "lightness" of your painting, it reminds me of quiet summer days.
Lorraine said…
great painting I like the way the "scribble" at the front breaks up the lines of the house adding movement
Nina said…
Hi Dianne, Such a beautiful painting - you're very talented! What a touching memory - have a blessed weekend,
such a gorgeous painting! i just love it. and what a fantastic story you have! thanks so much for sharing with us 'in the studio' this week! :)
BARBIE said…
What a beautiful painting. Thank you for sharing.
missy k said…
I really LOVE your painting... such a sweet and happy style.

Karen x
Leslie McNeil said…
a sweet building, and you've captured it beautifully in my mind's eye, too. love it. visiting you from studio jru and glad to find your blog, too.
Debbie Petras said…
Your painting is simply beautiful! You have talent girl ...

Blessings and love,
Really beautiful!! Great composition.

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