Dream Roses

Peonies, tulips and roses--they are my very favorite flowers I think--but these miniature pink roses just took my eye at the store this weekend.

 Forty something roses for $9.99. I couldn't pass them up. I added Kim Klassen's texture 0802 at 54% and I also added my own dream brush.

 Yes, see the word 'dream' in the picture, I added it just by choosing it in my brush palette in photoshop and stamping it on.

 It is one of the things I will be sharing with you in the next few weeks.

 I designed the word and saved it as a 'brush' a few weeks ago. Now I can just use it whenever I wish--it takes about 2 seconds to stamp a picture with it.

So I have a question--how would you spend your 'dream' Valentine's Day?

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elizabeth said…
I think I'd like an overnight getaway to our favorite spot near Seattle to celebrate Valentine's Day, but our granddaughter turns five the day after, so we will stick close to home. I love your photo and editing!
Well, those grandchildren certainly have a way of being top priority, don't they? I totally understand. You and your man can 'valentine' another day but those birthdays are such huge events to a child.

Thank you!
Martha Lever said…
Hi Elizabeth,
Thanks so much for your comment! These roses are gorgeous and the Kim Klaussen Photoshop treatment is great. And oh, that "dream" that you wrote on there--fabulous!
My post this morning has to do with what my husband would love to do for me...take me to a romantic city. My dream Valentine's Day would be to go to New York. To be truthful...just to have a full evening and night just with my husband. I think we are in need of that at this season of life.
Those are really pretty flowers.
Heather Smith said…
Very pretty! I may need to go track down some miniature roses too!
Gorgeous work visiting from Texture Tuesday...
Becs said…
So lovely. Gorgeous colour and I love the texture you've used. I must learn to create and use brushes!
Sheila Lynch said…
Beautiful! Those roses are a lovely pink!
My dream Valentine's Day - gosh, something relaxing like take-out and a netflix movie!
Sandy said…
Absolutely beautiful! I am a rose fan as well. If I could go somewhere special for Valentine's with my husband I guess it would be to one of the nearby mountain cabins in our gorgeous mountains. A weekend away would be very nice. However...we will just order take out somewhere and share a box of Whitman's chocolate, like we usually do. Sometimes the simple pleasures are just as sweet.
Lisa Gordon said…
How beautiful these are!
Sylvia said…
Those roses are gorgeous !
Wonderful photo ... and 'dream' brush !
Nice week,
Sterndal said…
How lovely!
Your selfmade brush is great!
I have to learn so much in photoshop!
Thanks for sharing this gorgeous picture! Best, Brigitte
EarlK said…

Wonderful photo. I really like the depth pf field in it. Great brush you made.

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