Dream Roses

Peonies, tulips and roses--they are my very favorite flowers I think--but these miniature pink roses just took my eye at the store this weekend.

 Forty something roses for $9.99. I couldn't pass them up. I added Kim Klassen's texture 0802 at 54% and I also added my own dream brush.

 Yes, see the word 'dream' in the picture, I added it just by choosing it in my brush palette in photoshop and stamping it on.

 It is one of the things I will be sharing with you in the next few weeks.

 I designed the word and saved it as a 'brush' a few weeks ago. Now I can just use it whenever I wish--it takes about 2 seconds to stamp a picture with it.

So I have a question--how would you spend your 'dream' Valentine's Day?

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