My Greatest Blessing--Something That Didn't Happen and a Last Minute Amendment

Somestimes our greatest blessings are things that didn't happen.  That's what happened to me this week.

Several years ago when I hung this mirror, I felt uneasy about it--concerned that I didn't use a strong enough hanger although I used a really big one.  Over the past three or four years, periodically I would say a prayer, asking God to protect everyone who sat beneath it, etc.

And this past December when we were decorating for Christmas, I had my husband take it off the wall and make sure the hanger was strong enough.  He felt that it was more than adequate.

Now, this is kinda hard to picture since I may be the only person in the world who does this but one day I was sitting on the sofa at one end facing the other end with my feet extended out in front of me on the sofa cushions.

I was leaning against a big fluffy pillow and had my laptop on top of the pillow on the back of the sofa using it as a desk.

Suddenly, the mirror fell.  I have loose pillow backs--the back of the sofa is maybe one inch wide--believe it or not that huge (3 by 4 ft), heavy mirror balanced on the back of the sofa.

It came within one or two inches of my computer.  If it had fallen forward it would have hit my head and I can only imagine the damage it might have done.

The anchor in the wall was fine but one of the screws holding the wire on the back of the mirror came loose.  I never thought about checking those.

I am so thankful for guardian, protecting angels and the answer to that prayer I had prayed.

I don't want to be paranoid but neither do I want to disregard the urge to pray about something that comes to my heart.

Praying you see the hand of God in every day of your week.

LAST MINUTE AMENDMENT:  I just received an email that my link for the free printable was featured over at Create With Joy--what a blessing!  I am very humbled by that.  Thank you so much.

So I guess I have a tie for the top blessing of the week.


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