A Beautiful Icy World

It has been icy here all week. Although we have had much lower temperatures since, when it was raining it was hovering around 32 or 33 degrees and we did not get much on the streets.  That was a real blessing.

I have been inside most of the week because the temperatures did plummet later.  I did get out to run an errand and this beautiful red berried tree caught my eye.  Just had to stop and take a few pictures of it.

No matter how you feel about ice and snow, there's one thing I think we can agree on--it is beautiful to look at.  And in Job 37:10 it says "the breath of God produces ice."

The 37th and 38th chapters of Job are really descriptive of Who God is and what He has done and can do.

So, amidst my finds, I am going to take some moments to reflect on His grandeur--to be still before Him and know that He is God.

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