Today was a really good day. We went to church at Summit. My sister and her husband visited today and Kailey sung a solo. We all went out to eat at Mi Burritos and then went over to Kim and Jeff's house for a little while. Kailey, Kim, Kendall and Erin came over to our house later and spent most of the afternoon. Kailey worked on Photoshop Elements to edit some of her photography and then we all played "Quick Scrabble." Thank you, God, for special days of just being together and playing games. What a joy!

I am including one of Kendall's favorite songs right now. He was trying to play it on the piano and did a pretty good job being that he doesn't play the piano! After he left I found this video that reminded me of me and him trying to figure out how to play it. Kendall, just memorize this and you got it! YEA!