Hugh Cunningham, my great grandfather is second from the left. He was born about 1870, about 138 years ago. It's hard to believe I remember people who would be that old. I think the other adults on the front row are his parents--not sure though. But the rest of the people are his children, Sam, Albert, Ethel, Edie, and Verna. Verna is my maternal grandmother. She is on the far right in this picture and on the far left in the one below. How is that she gets cut off almost in both pictures?! The young lady second from the left on the back row is Phil and Freddie Wright's grandmother, Ethel. I think she is quite beautiful in this picture. Aunt Edie, next to my grandmother, looks so sad and dejected. I wonder if she was especially close to the sister who died, the one in the framed picture.

My grandfather, Hugh, is the one with the cane and my grandmother is on the back row far left.

Hey grandkids of mine, this guy is your great, great, great grandfather and Verna is your great, great grandmother.

Today was the Cunningham reunion in Malvern, AR. I didn't get to go this year but went two years ago. It is a bi-annual event. There are many, many descendants and I haven't even met most of them.