My father, Boyd in the back left with his sister, Jessie, in front of him, baby brother Erlie, and sister Eulah. I love Aunt Jessie's little doll. In this picture there is an incredible resemblance between my father and my sister's son, John David.

Daddy Boyd, on the far right, with older brothers and sisters Eulah, Casey, Hazel, and Charles who later came to be known as Mac.

Back row: Casey, Eulah, Daddy Boyd, Jessie and Erlie.
Front row: Hazel, Mama Jane, Papa, and Mac.

My father was born on July 8, 1910. One of his very favorite songs was Sentimental Journey. He always said that he wanted us to sing that on the way to Big Creek where he was buried. So we did just that. We sang in the family car on the way there and it was beautiful and quite poignant. Happy earthly, birthday, Daddy Boydie, although I know where you are, you have no interest in earthly things. You have flown from the cares of this life and I know you are rejoicing about much greater things now. I love you!