Caroline's birthday is tomorrow, July 2nd but she won't be in town to read my blog so I am posting this a day early so she can read it before she leaves.
Hey, sweet girl. I can hardly believe you are turning 11 years old. I will NEVER forget the day you were born. You came about 3 weeks early and I will always believe that God orchestrated that for a purpose. You see, I was living out of state and hadn't spent my father's birthday with him in many, many years. You came on July 2nd, of course, and his birthday is July 8, so because I was in town for your birth, I was privileged to get to spend his last earthly birthday with him. Losing him was very hard even though he was 87 years old, but getting to see and visit with him at length on his special day helped me through the loss.

Now back to you--you are so unique. You are your own person and I love that about you. I know God has an awesome plan for your life and I can't wait to follow along behind and see what all He is "up to" through you.

I will always remember the day down at Marlowe Manor park where you asked Jesus to come into your heart. What a blessed, blessed day! And I got to be there for your baptismal service at Immanuel Baptist Church. How can one grandmother be blessed so much??!!

It is a joy for me to get to watch you play basketball. I hope that you will work at it with all your heart and give back to God the talent that He has given you.
I love your art work and the way you love to draw. And I am especially pleased that you like calligraphy, one of my passions in life. Thank you so much for making the place cards for each member of the family last Christmas. This year, we will get a headstart and put some art work on them also.