My baby sister, Mary Jane, about 52 years ago.

My best friend growing up, Marilyn. I spent many, many weekends at her house. Hamburgers for breakfast--yum! That was the first time I ever knew you could eat something besides the regular breakfast foods at 7 A.M.

Marilyn hamming it up for the photo booth camera!

These are two of the three people I had lunch with today. The other was Rebecca, the baby sister of Marilyn. One Sunday afternoon we were supposed to be babysitting these little babes while Marilyn's parents, the pastors of our church, went to the hospital to make a visit--you know regular preacher stuff. Anyway, a car load full of our friends came by, including of course the ones that we had huge crushes on, and we just took off and left these babies. Boy, were we in trouble. These babies were probably about 7 years old and we thought they could take care of themselves. Boy, did we get in big trouble! Rebecca lives in Paris now and she and Marilyn are taking off for Paris and Sweden

Rebecca, I brought my camera today but forgot to take a picture and I am sick cause I don't have a picture of you. One of the people I have known for 52 years and the other, 57 years, well, almost 57 cause she is my sister and she has a birthday in September--! Well, you all three know how I feel about you so I won't go on and on about that in my blog. You girls are beautiful!!