Have you ever celebrated Christmas in July? Well, I am feeling rather nostalgic today and was going through some old stuff that I want to scan and save before it becomes forever lost. In the midst of that, I found this Erma Bombeck article that I absolutely love and wanted to share it with you. Please click on the article to make it bigger and easier to read.
Most of my family are "Christmas nuts" but I have one son in particular, Chris, who makes his family PROMISE (somewhat tongue in cheek) that they won't listen to any Christmas music or watch any Christmas movies before May. In April of this year, they were here and while Chris wasn't around, his wife sneaked around and put one in the DVD player. LOL
I have a friend who lost her 16 year old son to cancer some years ago. The loss was devastating, as you can imagine, but she told me her first Christmas when she took the homemade decorations down from the attic and tenderly opened them one by one, was one of the hardest times she ever experienced. His precious little Jesus Sunday School ornaments opened a hole in her heart that had only slightly healed over. Are you enjoying your family today? Take this time to love them especially hard--Christmas in July!!