Meemaw's senior high school picture. She graduated from North Little Rock High School.

Meemaw and Larry in 1943.

Meemaw and Larry.

The house where Meemaw lived for 55 years.

Meemaw and Larry--not sure of the year, probably winter of 43-44 or 44-45.

Owen Mary Radnedge Hogue was born September 2, 1913. She would have been 95 years old today.

I owe a great debt to Meemaw in many ways--she (along with Peepaw) conceived, bore and raised my husband, she made many sacrifices for us when we were newlyweds, and many of the things I post on my blog, I would not have if it wasn't for her--she was a saver, of cards, pictures, mementos--and she was the queen of gadgets. She loved a gadget more than anyone I've ever known and used them often.

She was organized and was on top of every little thing that went wrong or broke around the house. I loved going to her home at Christmastime because of all the special touches--all the little things that she kept from year to year. She was a fantastic cook--I hated any kind of liver until I tried hers. Some people would rave about her chocolate chip or peanut butter cookies, others about her custard or Sunday roast--I just loved it all.

She faithfully served and attended Baring Cross Baptist Church for many, many years. I can remember like yesterday her beautiful, fragile, vibrato soprano voice as we sang songs of worship. She was loved and as was evidenced by the overwhelming response we received with cards and memorials when she died. We loved you so much, Meemaw, and today's blog is in your memory.