2010 Can I Leave the Longings? 2011

Wow! What a year 2010 was. Here are just a few of the many longings I expressed in my postings this year.

I long to be obedient.

I long to be a person of true and sincere intercession.

I long to reflect His character.

I long to walk and talk with Him for eternity.

I long to enjoy freedom, His freedom, to the max--

I long to be totally genuine, with no trace of hypocrisy.

I long to dance.

I long to know Him more through scripture.

and the list goes on and on-------

And I was sincere in what I wrote~~

As I lay all my longings out before Him and before you, dear friend,

You know what I long for, Lord; you hear my every sigh. from Psalm 38
(This was the scripture from which I took my theme for 2010)

I have come to believe more than ever

That He is here

To fulfill them all--

To make me what I desire

Only because of the Holy Spirit's longings

He has placed in my heart--

And now...............

Am I willing to accept that

He is willing

To live His life through me,

To go beyond my wildest dreams and expectations,

To live out through me the Person He IS--

Not that I become like Him--that was what satan desired--

But that I wholly, beyond my wildest capabilities,

Give myself and my will freely to Him,

So that He can exhibit His character through me,

He can intercede through me--

He can write through me--

He can dance through me--

He can bless through me--

But only if I live beyond myself~~

And so it is that through the leadership of God's Spirit, I christen 2011

All glory to God~